The Body Shop Celebrates 40 Years With Big Promises

The Body Shop wasn’t about to let its 40th anniversary slip by without anyone noticing. But instead of pink flamingos on the lawn or a wild weekend in Vegas, the company used the milestone as an opportunity to challenge itself to a greater level of innovation and philanthropy than it would have ever dreamed possible […]

If A Hand Cream Could Change The World

If a hand cream could change the world, would you let it? Wait, what? Hear me out. When a package from The Body Shop arrived at my door yesterday, it seemed as if the company had read my mind. Even though this winter has been surprisingly mild, the air is still as dry as ever, […]

A Healthier Christmas Countdown

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the chocolate advent calendar—not unlike most kids, I’m sure. There was just something so thrilling about the countdown to Christmas and pulling open each numbered door to discover what moulded character was housed inside. It was the only time of year that chocolate before breakfast wasn’t strictly forbidden. Now that I’m an adult, […]