The Body Shop Celebrates 40 Years With Big Promises

The Body Shop wasn’t about to let its 40th anniversary slip by without anyone noticing. But instead of pink flamingos on the lawn or a wild weekend in Vegas, the company used the milestone as an opportunity to challenge itself to a greater level of innovation and philanthropy than it would have ever dreamed possible […]

Be Mine: The Heart-Shaped Konjac Sponge

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve decided to spend this week reflecting on various aspects of that wonderful thing called love, from community love and self love to some healthy treats baked with love. Whether you’re perpetually single, serial dating, happily married or fresh off a divorce, it makes no difference here—this week is all […]

Toronto’s Newest Green Beauty Boutiques

You all know how much I love my ‘hood, Toronto’s Queen Street West. And it might sound crazy, but lately it seems like the ‘hood loves me right back. I swear, almost weekly I hear about a new business opening in the area that is just so up my alley. It’s as if the universe is […]

Shop Local: Etsy Made in Canada Day

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a self-proclaimed sucker for all things made in Canada. I’ve written about the subject for Flare, as well as here on my blog. It just feels better to spend my money supporting local businesses that have made the conscious decision to produce their goods on home soil despite the obvious […]

Plant-Powered Beauty: Graydon Clinical Luxury

There’s a new kid on the natural beauty scene and her name is Graydon Moffat. Founder of Toronto’s own Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature, Moffat has been unofficially in the green beauty game for almost a decade, experimenting with plant-based ingredients in her household kitchen and testing out her concoctions on her lucky yoga pupils. The launch […]

Start 2014 Clean: My January Detox

Happy new year, all! Like most people’s, my holiday season was filled with much more indulgence than I would like to admit. All my good intentions and office treat table will-power disintegrated the moment I stepped through my parents’ front door on Christmas Eve. (And OK, there might have also been a pre-Christmas incident involving […]

He Gets Me: Consonant Skincare CEO Bill Baker

Despite having never actually met, it’s pretty obvious that Consonant Skincare founder Bill Baker gets me. In his late 20s, he suffered from bouts of eczema (hi!) and chronic, painful skin dryness (oh, hey!). But, unlike us mere mortals, his first reaction wasn’t to simply head to a doctor to pick up a prescription of […]

Organic Produce To Your Doorstep

Thursdays have always been pretty good as far as days of the week go. You’re over the hump and the weekend is upon us. Also, my gym’s best class lineup is Thursday and “Scandal” is on TV—try topping that, Wednesday. Just when I thought Thursdays were as good as they were ever going to get, […]