Join The Club: The Difference A Year Makes

This time last year, I was a strictly solo runner. I enjoyed my time alone pounding the pavement, and used it as an opportunity to think, reflect on the day or simply zone out to the pop-punk soundtrack of my choosing. But there were a few problems with my solitary running routine: I was often […]

Just Announced: 2016 NikeWomen Victory Tour

Update (June 13, 2016): I received two emails last week from Nike saying that both the L.A. and Atlanta stops of the NikeWomen Victory Tour have been cancelled. I received a similar email about Barcelona back in May. I took a look at the Victory Tour website and it looks like about half of the cities […]

Dear 2016:

Let’s Be Friends

I’m well aware that each new day, week and month present us with equal opportunities to start anew, but I still can’t deny the power of a fresh calendar year to make me want to be better. And even though the feeling is usually fleeting, I do see value in taking time every Jan. 1 to reflect on […]

Race Weekend Recap: Nike Women’s Half Marathon

It has been almost three weeks since I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco, and maybe the reason it’s taken me so long to put this blog post together is because I wish it wasn’t over. For months I’d been looking forward to this race—my first ever out-of-country running event—and the trip that […]

Finding My Fast: The Road To San Francisco

I know what you’re thinking and no, this hasn’t become a blog that’s strictly about running—some beauty posts are coming up soon, I promise—but I couldn’t leave you hanging about my Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco (NWSF) random draw result. So here’s what happened. I entered the draw as part of a team with […]

Race Weekend Recap: Nike Women’s 15K Toronto

The Nike Women’s 15K Toronto has come and gone, and I most definitely feel #BetterForIt. For me, “race weekend” began on Thursday. I woke up extra early for one of the last Nike+ Training Club (NTC) classes of Nike Toronto’s Done Before Dawn series—a 6:30am session at the St. James Cathedral Centre in Toronto’s east […]

Stronger Together: Nike Unites Toronto Women

I’ve run a lot of races over the years, from 5k and 10k distances to half and full marathons, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been as excited in the lead-up to a race weekend as I am right now—so much so that here I am, finally back on this blog that has […]