The Body Shop Celebrates 40 Years With Big Promises

The Body Shop wasn’t about to let its 40th anniversary slip by without anyone noticing. But instead of pink flamingos on the lawn or a wild weekend in Vegas, the company used the milestone as an opportunity to challenge itself to a greater level of innovation and philanthropy than it would have ever dreamed possible […]

Saving Face With All-Natural Oils

Is anyone else ready for winter to take a hike? It was all fun and festive back in December when the Christmas lights were twinkling, the sweet treats felt like a rite of passage and the excitement for the holidays was enough to overshadow any weather-related annoyances. But now that it’s nearing the end of […]

Plant-Powered Beauty: Graydon Clinical Luxury

There’s a new kid on the natural beauty scene and her name is Graydon Moffat. Founder of Toronto’s own Graydon Clinical Luxury by Nature, Moffat has been unofficially in the green beauty game for almost a decade, experimenting with plant-based ingredients in her household kitchen and testing out her concoctions on her lucky yoga pupils. The launch […]

He Gets Me: Consonant Skincare CEO Bill Baker

Despite having never actually met, it’s pretty obvious that Consonant Skincare founder Bill Baker gets me. In his late 20s, he suffered from bouts of eczema (hi!) and chronic, painful skin dryness (oh, hey!). But, unlike us mere mortals, his first reaction wasn’t to simply head to a doctor to pick up a prescription of […]

How To Wear Perfume The Right Way

Have you ever found yourself inside a “scent-free zone?” I used to work in an office that called itself one, making me feel extreme guilt every time I so much as applied moisturizer to my winter-ravaged hands—the horror! When people working in an office environment have allergies and/or sensitivities to fragrances, I totally understand the need to set some boundaries, but an all-out war on scents of any kind […]