The Body Shop Celebrates 40 Years With Big Promises

The Body Shop wasn’t about to let its 40th anniversary slip by without anyone noticing. But instead of pink flamingos on the lawn or a wild weekend in Vegas, the company used the milestone as an opportunity to challenge itself to a greater level of innovation and philanthropy than it would have ever dreamed possible […]

Artists Help Launch New Burt’s Bees Lipstick

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of checking out the Burt’s Bees Shades exhibit at Arta Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District before it opened to the public. If you haven’t popped by yet, I highly suggest a visit before closing night on March 11 to see the magic for yourself. And if you’re wondering why it’s […]

Toronto’s Newest Green Beauty Boutiques

You all know how much I love my ‘hood, Toronto’s Queen Street West. And it might sound crazy, but lately it seems like the ‘hood loves me right back. I swear, almost weekly I hear about a new business opening in the area that is just so up my alley. It’s as if the universe is […]

Q&A With BITE Beauty’s Susanne Langmuir

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard the statistics about how many pounds of lipstick women are unintentionally ingesting over the course of a day, a year or a lifetime. And while we have every right to be concerned, I have few problems with the stats—especially when they’re reported by publications that […]

Beauty Lessons From Toronto Fashion Week

When I covered the Toronto Fashion Week beauty beat in the past, for the Toronto Standard and Yahoo! Canada, I was always a bit disappointed when designers chose makeup looks for their runway shows that were neutral, natural-looking or, heaven forbid, “bare-faced.” Because, you see, the models never actually hit the runway sans makeup—some was […]

Luxury With A Conscience: Josie Maran

Here at The New Pretty, I’m all about promoting beauty brands that have a social and environmental conscience. It’s not only important for us as consumers to be able to purchase products that are free of toxic chemicals that could potentially irritate our skin and affect our health, but it also feels good to know you’re […]