#MoveWithMotive: A Passion Project

#MoveWithMotive group run shot

Team #MoveWithMotive: Johanna Robles Tam (left), Moe Genore (middle), Lindsay MacAdam (right—that’s me!)

I met Johanna and Moe at Toronto’s Nike+ Run Club this past winter. Brought together by our love of fitness and our desire to share that passion with others, it was a no-brainer when Johanna asked us to join her as she trains for and tackles her first-ever half-marathon—the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM) 2016, which is taking place on October 16.

STWM was my first half marathon and also, coincidentally, my first full marathon, so this race is a really special one to me in that it symbolizes some major life milestones. It signifies the times when I set my mind on something that seemed completely out of reach and I conquered it. Regardless of finishing time or standing, I put in the work and I made myself proud. I proved that I’m capable of more than I think and that great accomplishments can come from stepping outside your comfort zone.

I am so thrilled that Johanna will get to experience those overwhelming feelings of pride this fall, but what I find most impressive about her is that to do this for herself was not enough. She was determined to make this race about more than the distance, more than the check mark on the bucket list.

So, with that in mind, me, Johanna and Moe formed Team #MoveWithMotive. Together, we will train for and run the half-marathon portion of STWM while also raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

#MoveWithMotive group sitting. Photo by Darren Tam#MoveWithMotive group laughing. Photo by Darren TamCancer. It touches us all. Johanna lost her father to lung cancer earlier this year. A dear friend of mine lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at just 20 years old. And Moe’s family has been affected by the disease in numerous ways. Cancer is colour blind, unconcerned with gender, age, culture or class. We are all vulnerable to it, so it is our duty as a society to support the mission to find a cure.

I talk a lot about community in this blog—about Toronto’s fitness community in particular—so you can think of this initiative as our way of giving back to the community that has given so much to us.

Though we all started running at different times and for different reasons, the three of us came together through Toronto’s running community and found new purpose, inspiration and motivation from training with a group. We made friends with people we probably never would have met otherwise, people of all different ages, professions, cultural and economic backgrounds.

Just as we can more easily achieve our goals and grow as athletes through this community than we can alone, we can also make a bigger impact on any chosen cause if we come together and work towards a common goal.

#MoveWithMotive group talking. Photo by Darren Tam#MoveWithMotive group walking away. Photo by Darren TamCancer affects each and every one of us in some way, so this season we are doing our part to support the cause in hopes that one day a cure will be found. In hopes that the people living with the disease and their families will receive the support they need so they can focus on fighting or even simply savouring the time they have left. In hopes that lives will be spared as a result of increased awareness about prevention and early detection.

While we each have our own personal race goals that we’re working towards—Moe and I are hoping to smash our half-marathon PBs and Jo has her sights set on an injury-free, sub-two-hour race—our hearts are focused on the bigger picture. We want to make a difference in people’s lives. Will you help us?

For more information about Team #MoveWithMotive and why we’re taking on this charity challenge as we train for STWM, check out our first team video below and our team fundraising page where you can make a secure online donation. And don’t forget to mark September 19 on your calendar because we have something extra-special in the works. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

*All photography and videography by Darren Tam. Art direction and video editing by Johanna Robles Tam #PowerCouple 😉

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