Adidas Canada Launches Free Fitness Classes

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are (ever so slowly) heating up, and Toronto is coming alive with so much summer excitement that you probably feel like you need a personal assistant just to keep track of it all. This week, in an effort to help you prioritize, I’ll be highlighting three upcoming fitness events that offer a healthy—and free!—alternative to patio hopping. Up next: Adidas Canada’s “Here to Create” training classes.

Adidas Here to Create class group shot

All photos courtesy Adidas Canada

You may recall me telling you back in February about Adidas’ recent push to connect with and inspire women through its “I’m Here to Create” original video series. Well, now Adidas has turned the branding campaign into a full-fledged fitness movement, and Toronto is reaping the benefits. Every Thursday evening for the next five months, Adidas will be hosting a free, open-to-the-public “Here to Create” training class for women only at Totum Life Science (apparently there will be a men’s event series to follow). The class style will differ every week and will be led by multisport athlete and expert fitness coach  Julian Ho. Adidas has also selected five local fitness influencers to take part in and help promote these events—lifestyle blogger Catriona “Coco” Smart, entrepreneur Gracie Carroll, fitness blogger The Athletarian and lifestyle consultant Jessica Mulroney—so keep an eye out for them if you make it to a class.

The first public class was held last week (and there was a media preview the week prior), but it filled up before I even knew about it. And then I didn’t bother trying to register for tomorrow’s session because I have a hot date with Justin Bieber. 😉 So unfortunately I can’t give you a first-hand account of what the classes are like since I haven’t actually been to one, but social media has spoken and the verdict is in: These workouts are no joke—suitable for all levels, but be prepared to push beyond your limits and get real sweaty.

Registration for next Thursday’s class (a HIIT-style workout) goes live tomorrow (Thursday) at 9am or shortly thereafter. And each Thursday morning throughout the summer you’ll have another opportunity to register for the following week’s session. With the capacity limited to 30 people, the classes are sure to fill up in minutes. So set an alarm, bookmark and get your nimble fingers ready. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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